Japanese Customs

The following lists are by no means complete and was taken in part from Consulate General of Japan at Chicago. If you have any question, contact your nearest Japanese Consulate or Embassy.


  • Weapons – Handguns, rifles, bullets, etc.
  • Narcotics – Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, etc.
  • Forged Goods – Including forged money and counterfeit items that violate copyright laws
  • Pornography – Books or magazines that are deemed “damaging to public morals.”


You must pay taxes if you bring more than the designated amount of some goods:

  • Alcohol – 3 bottles (1 bottle=760 mls) per adult (20 years of age)
  • Tobacco – 250 grams (200 cigarettes) per adult (20 years of age)
  • Perfume – 2 ounces


  • Don’t try to bring fresh fruit, vegetables, or meat products to Japan. Keep in mind that some nuts are technically fruits (e.g., walnuts).
  • Canned Products and Dried Produce are allowed as long as they were commercially processed.
  • You need to get a special label to bring in dried meat. Contact your embassy for details.

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