Post-JET Visa Advice

Note: The Alien Registration system was abolished in summer 2012 and has been replaced by a new Residency system. Please view the following Ministry of Justice pamphlet for more details: New Residency Management System

Staying in Japan for sightseeing or arranging your affairs

  • If you are a first or second year, you may stay in Japan on your current visa.
  • Attention Third Years
    As most of you have visas that will expire on the same day that your contracts come to an end, you must be careful, as you are required to either leave Japan before your current visa expires OR you must apply for a temporary visitor visa before your current visa expires. This means that you must apply for a temporary visitor visa to cover the days you will probably stay in Japan to arrange your affairs after your employment has ended. If you need to apply for the temporary visitor visa, see Temporary Visitor Visa.

Staying in Japan for employment

  • If you are staying in Japan for employment, you must ask your new employer whether you need to extend your period of stay or change your status of residence. Your CO, the PAs, Hyogo Prefecture, or CLAIR cannot provide visa advice or support for you.
  • If you want to stay in Japan and renew your visa with a new employer, make sure you hold on to your Letter of Appointment (人事通知書). If your new employer asks you for a Taishoku Shomeisho (退職証明書), your Letter of Appointment should do.

Leaving Japan

  • If your visa is still valid, you can leave and re-enter Japan by showing your Alien Registration Card or Residence Card at the airport. However, in order to become a non-resident and collect your pension refund you have to (1) submit a moving-out notice to your municipality, and (2) tell the immigration officer at the airport that you are leaving permanently. If you have an ARC, the officer will probably hole-punch it. If you have a Residence Card, the officer may or may not take the card.

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