Find English Medical Services and Resources in Hyogo

The following resources should assist you in finding an English speaking doctor, dentist or specialist.

Hyogo Prefectural Medical Facilities Information System

The Prefectural Medical Facilities Information System provides an extensive list of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drug stores, and midwifery centers in Hyogo with staff that speak foreign languages. The medical facilities are categorized by region and each listing includes the phone number, address, and medical specialties.

After you have found a hospital or clinic on this system, it is useful to call them up to discover what the extent of their English service is. It may be that you need to visit on a specific day that the English-speaking doctor is in, or schedule a medical interpretation service.

Often receptionists don’t speak English but doctors do, so it is often easier to ask your JTE to arrange an appointment for you.

AMDA (International Medical Information Center)

The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides telephone services to foreign residents in Japan in several languages, introduces medical facilities with staff who speak the patient’s language, and answer questions about the Japanese medical system.

When you visit a doctor’s surgery, the receptionist will hand you a form to fill out. This website has the same form with English and Japanese written side by side which is useful if you’re going to the clinic by yourself.

Phone: 06-4395-0555

Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, M-F

Translating Medical Terms – Translating and printing out symptoms can be an easy way to avoid language barriers.

The Medical Services Directory

Call this English directory service for information about English-speaking doctors, specialists, surgeons, and acupuncturists. Have details for everywhere in Hyogo.

Phone: 078-857-6540

Hours: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, M-F

Japan Healthcare Info

Japan Healthcare Info – This website offers health information and can help you find English-speaking doctors and specialists. They can book an appointment for you for 1,100 yen per appointment. More information on other services are on their website.

JET Recommendations

General Practice

    • Kobe Kaisei Hospital, besides being English-friendly in general, has a staff of three English-speaking International Medicine doctors.
    • Ogawa Clinic   in Nada – Both reception  & doctors speak English
    • Sorachi clinic in Himeji – The main doctor there speaks English
      • On the 4th floor of the same building there is apparently Dr Nakayama who also speaks English
  • Yamanaka Clinic in Yamasaki/Shisho  – A doctor is said to be fluent in English
  • Hamabe Clinic   in Shin’onsen – Doctor doesn’t speak English but is very patient.
  • Kazuhisa Clinic in Tamba – They understand some English but not fluent, family feel.
  • Takemotonaika Clinic in Sanda – Main female doctor there can speak English, front desk nurses do not but are very friendly.
    There’s also a pharmacy on the ground floor for getting your scripts filled. The pharmacists don’t speak much English, but always go out of their way to write the English names of the medicine on the info sheet, and with a lot of gestures, explain how many times a day to take your meds. Very nice staff!
  • Fine Pharmacy in Tamba , pharmacist speaks English

English speaking orthopedic doctors

Yamakawa Clinic –  Gakuentoshi

Reception staff don’t speak English but they had an English form so the process was pretty easy.

English speaking physiotherapist

Anshin Clinic – Sannomiya

Specializes in sport rehabilitation and orthopedics (ask for Mr. Nagai)


Dr. Shinju Inoue, Inoue Dental Clinic

Web Site (in Japanese)

Address: 2-15-34 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya-shi

Phone Number: 0798-67-1882

Specialty: Dentist

Date Added: October 16, 2007

The office is a 10 minute walk from JR Koshienguchi station. The dentist studied in Japanese dental schools, then traveled to the US where he studied English, then studied dentistry at Harvard. He was very nice and spoke English very well. He did a root canal & crowns, and did a very good, natural job.

Kitano dental clinic  

Sannomiya – English speaking Dentists

Phone: 078-331-3522

Okumura Dental Clinic


His staff don’t speak English, but he always comes out to explain things to the patient in English anyway. He’s very kind.

Katsutani Dental Clinic Himeji

Phone: 079-288-4970

The dentists there do speak some English, but the other staff do not.

Dr Kazuo Hanabusa

Tel 0792-82-8188/Emergency 070-5507-3346

General Dentistry, 98 Motoshio-cho, Himeji-shi.

Hours: 9:30 –6pm. Thursday & Saturday 9:30 –1pm.

Website (in Japanese)

Highly recommended. Speaks fluent English, is friendly and comforting. Performs good dental surgery. Walk north from Himeji station towards the castle, along Otemaedori. At the forth intersection, marked Otemae, turn right onto Route 2. Follow the road, walking eastward until the next signal light. The large beige building on the diagonal corner is the Community Centre (Shiminkaikan) and is decorated with large metal cranes. The doctor’s office is on the ground level of the second building on your right hand side. There’s a sign in English –Hanabusa Dentistry.

Maruyama Dental Clinic

Tel 072-792­1118

Koyodai 3­5­3, Kawanishi­shi.

The dentist and staff speak English. This office takes JET insurance and has a nice atmosphere. There are also modern facilities and the service is good. It’s near Kawanishi and Inagawa.

Kobe JET recommendations

Kobe JET has created a PDF for english accessible services and resources within or near the Kobe region! You can access the PDF here

North Hyogo doctors/clinics/hospitals/dentists – information provided by Visit Kinosaki 

Public hospital

Toyooka Hospital – Toyooka’s main public hospital
Address: 1094 Tobera
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-8501
TEL: 0796-22-6111

General Clinics

Yuri Doctors Surgery
Specialty: Internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology
Address: 9-53 Ozo-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0041
TEL: 0796-22-2382

Endo Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
Specialty: Internal Medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology
Address: 9-3 Chiyodacho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0032
TEL: 0796-22-2003

Fujimoto Clinic

Specialty: Surgery, internal medicine, physio therapy
Address: 128-7 Kuruhi, Kinosaki-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref.
TEL: 0796-32-3181


Kizuki Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 1-31 Kotobukicho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0024
TEL: 0796-24-1814

Fukuda Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 2-4 Otecho
Toyooka, Hyogo Pref. 668-0031
TEL: 0796-23-7951

Isaji Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry, orthodontics
Address: 1-35 Syowa-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0055
TEL: 0796-22-6000

Kawahara Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 1292-6 Momoshima, Kinosaki-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref
TEL: 0796-32-2247

Sexual Health

At-home STD test kit:  sent to you with English instructions.

Kobe City offers free and anonymous testing for HIV, hepatitis B, chlamydia and syphilis every Wednesday from 6-8 PM.  It’s on the sixth floor of Center Plaza West Building. You return and pick up the results a week later.  May be Japanese-only. (Japanese only)

Center Plaza West building 6F, 2-11-1 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0021

Dental dams (デンタルダム/オーラルプレイ専用コンドーム):  Available, but difficult to find in general stores.  Purchasable online and in specialty shops. Trip Skin seems to be a popular brand.

Condoms (コンドーム):  Male condoms easier to find than female condoms (女性用コンドーム)

Women’s Health

Kawaguchi Ladies’ Clinic (川口レディースクリニック)

Tel 078-861-4351.  Close to JR Nada station.  Doctor is fluent in English.   Also offers Chinese medicine (kanpo). Emergency contraception (Plan B) is available.

Nonogaki Ladies’ Clinic (野々垣レディースクリニック)

Tel 078-681-4103.  Across from JR Hyogo station south exit.  An ALT says: doctor has great English and has treated other ALTs.

Palmore Hospital (パルモア病院)                                    

Tel 078-321-6000.  Close to JR/Hanshin Motomachi station..  A pediatrics and women’s health hospital.  Most doctors speak English.

Yamabe Ladies’ Clinic (山辺レディースクリニック)

Tel 078-335-0555.  Close to subway/Hanshin/Hankyu/JR Sannomiya and Motomachi station.  Will dispense birth control in a 3 month supply (with the exception of Yaz which is 1 month.) Sometimes the wait time is long. Emergency contraception (Plan B) is available.

Dr. Miura and Mrs. Dorothy Miura Tel 078-241­3305

Ueda Hospital, 1­1­4 Kunika­dori, Chuo­ku, Kobe, T651.

Dr. Miura is a gynecologist. His wife usually helps with the consultations, as she is a U.S. trained nurse. Both speak English. He’s Japanese, she’s American, and together they provide fantastic and confidential treatment. Oral contraception is available. Be sure to discuss the varying strengths of whatever medication you decide upon. Open Saturday. Emergency calls accepted. This hospital comes highly recommended to those women who are going to have a baby in Japan. It is almost directly opposite Hankyu Kasugano­michi station. Exit on the north side, cross over at traffic lights, and turn left. About four buildings along, look for grey steps and a dark blue awning.

Kobe Adventist Hospital Tel 078-981­0161

By appointment Mondays only, 2 ­ 4:45 pm.

Dr. George Henmi is a recommended gynecologist. Emergency calls accepted. More information can be found in the previous Doctors and Hospitals section.

Online Consultation for Birth Control Pills

Check out:

Yeast Infection:  An over-the counter drug (般用医薬品) is available for yeast infections.  It is called Mensore Tamufuredi CC (メンソレータムフレディCC膣錠).  Pricier than prescription.

Menstrual Cups:

For more advice, check out the search function in the Jet Ladies+ Facebook group!

For counselling and support resources please check our counseling page

A Word of Caution

There have been a number of complaints for Doctor Tateiwa, who practices obstetrics and gynecology at Tateiwa Sanfujinka Clinic in Himeji. He is listed as an English speaking doctor, but there are reports of his having disclosed personal information on other patients. Previous ALTs ask you to exercise caution in scheduling an appointment at his office, and to seek alternative English speaking Ob-Gyns.

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