Sanyo Railway’s Autumn Viewing Guide

Sanyo Electric Railway (a railway in Hyogo that runs from Himeji to Osaka) has published their recommended autumn leave viewing spots  between Himeji , Akashi and Kobe.  This year (2018) it has been reported that the better time to view pretty leaves will be late November – early December because Japan had a longer warmer […]

Hyogo Autumn Festivals 2018

Autumn Festival Season is just around the corner. Here are some festivals you can attend in Hyogo! Currently events listed are for the long weekend. Akashi Area Akashi Castle Festival When: October 6th – October 7th (10am to 4:15pm) Where: Akashi Castle Park Price: Free Next year Akashi Castle will celebrate it’s 400th anniversary of […]

Tokyo Orientation Costs + Reimbursements

Overview While the JET Programme does cover a lot, if not most, of the costs in regards to moving and settling in Japan there are some things you will have to be responsible for. Keep in mind this post is for Hyogo JETs so if you are assigned to another prefecture it might be a […]

Volunteering Opportunities in Hyogo

For those who are interested in volunteering whilst on the JET Program, here are some opportunities for you! The organisations or initiatives currently listed are friendly for English Speaking people, so don’t be afraid to participate! If you would like to feature a particular volunteer initiative in Hyogo/Kansai – please comment or contact us! Charity […]

After JET Guide

The JET Programme site has helpful information on the main aspects of departing the JET programme such as Pension Refund,  Reverse Culture Shock and Post JET Employment 

The Hyogo Times: April & May

The Hyogo Times has double the fun this month! Check out the April issue for a review of Kansai’s Cat Cafes, 5 album recommendations, and an exclusive interview with JET alum and author Kevin Lang. The May issue features highlights of the AJET Block 6 Kinosaki Car Rally, what you need to know about the […]

The Hyogo Times: March

Check out the March issue of the Hyogo Times for reviews on Hokkaido’s Yuki Matsuri, four incredible concerts, and travel reviews of Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore, the latest installment of The Durants, and more. As always, head over to the Hyogo Times Website for more articles and past issues.