Volunteering Opportunities in Hyogo

For those who are interested in volunteering whilst on the JET Program , here are some opportunities for you! The organisations or initiatives currently listed are friendly for English Speaking people, so don’t be afraid to participate! If you would like to feature a particular volunteer initiative in Hyogo/Kansai – please comment or contact us! […]

Your Hanko aka Personal Seal

In Japan, a personal seal called a hanko (判子) is used instead of your signature on most documents. People often use hanko and inkan (印鑑) interchangeably, but technically speaking, your hanko is the cylindrical object made of wood, plastic, etc. used to make your seal, and your inkan is the red seal that you make […]

How Much Money Should I Bring?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact answer to this, as Every Situation Is Different. You will have to bring enough money to survive your first month. Enough to pay rent and utilities, buy groceries, and furnish your new apartment. So, how much do you need? The General Information Handbook recommends ¥250,000 (about $2,500 USD), which should be […]

Alien Registration System

Changes to the Alien Registration System, July 2012 As of July 9, 2012 the Alien Registration Card will be abolished and foreign residents will be required to obtain a Residence Record (住民票, Juminhyo). In place of the Alien Registration Card, foreign residents will receive a Residency Card (在留カード, Zairyu Ka-do) which they will need to carry with them at […]

Presents for Coworkers

When people in Japan travel, they often bring back omiyage (お土産) to share with their coworkers, friends, and families. Omiyage is often translated as souvenirs, though the connotation is slightly different, as while a souvenir is usually a small present you get for one person (a keychain, those snowglobes), omiyage is usually something (like food) that you […]

Bringing Medicine to Japan

Illegal Medicine Tylenol Cold Nyquil Nyquil Liquicaps Actifed Sudafed Advil Cold & Sinus Dristan Cold (“No Drowsiness”) Dristan Sinus Drixoral Sinus Vicks Inhaler Lomotil Anything containing Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Morphine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone etc This list is by no means definitive, and you should contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate nearest you to make sure any medication […]