Who Do I Work For?

It is important to remember that although JET participants are members of the JET Programme, each JET is actually employed by a local contracting organization and not by CLAIR or the JET Programme. CLAIR and JET are the organizations who set up the framework to introduce us to our bosses. And since different JETs have […]


Do you want to know what your school is looking for in an employee? Well, around January, you will be evaluated, and though different schools do things differently, most likely your principal will fill out a report that looks something like this: Work Details (Attendance) 1. Tardiness: Never / Occasional / Sometimes / Frequent 2. […]

Paid Leave

Paid leave, or nenkyu, is a precious commodity for most JETs, and therefore many questions/problems seem to revolve around it. Read the following points so that you can avoid some common problems. Nenkyu will vary Yearly paid leave for local government employees is determined by local regulations, and because we have different contracting organizations, the […]

Special Leave

Types Of Special Leave Bereavement Leave Marital Leave Natural Disasters Pre/Post-natal Leave Maternity Leave Menstrual Leave Leave to care for an ill child Commuter Transportation Failure Special Leave includes all forms of leave other than your paid leave. The details will vary from contract to contract, so this list is just for reference. These types […]

Unpaid Leave

Aside from the specific cases provided for in your contract, unpaid leave technically does not exist, and your contracting organization is not able to grant it. Every now and then a JET will use up all of their paid leave, and then when an emergency comes up they are unable to take any more leave. […]

Hyogo Orientation Overview

Prefectural Orientation  aka Yashiro Orientation (note: as of 2018 the orientation location is under review, thus the arrangement and coordination of the the prefectural orientation may change) After attending the Tokyo Orientation , SHS ALTs won’t have too long before they are reunited for three days of fun at Yashiro Orientation. Yashiro Orientation is held in […]

Dress Code

In Japan, personal appearance is often taken as a reflection of one’s attitude toward work. Dressing professionally will go a long way toward being taken seriously by your Japanese colleagues. In the school environment, you will probably find that most of your coworkers do not wear a suit every day, but the men wear button-up […]