September 2013


As we move into September the August heat gradually dissipates, soon to be just a sticky memory, and new excitement arrives in the form of the start of school. First time ALTs will have the joy of their first sweltering opening ceremonies; at least one student will faint, either from heat or excitement at their incredibly ‘kawaii’ new ALT. Just make sure you don’t do as I did and try to run off stage before receiving your full school bow of welcome. Not only is there a power trip to be had when several hundred people dip their heads in deference to you, but it’s pretty blooming embarrassing if Kocho-sensei has to chase after you!

With summer memories buoying us up, the first weeks of school will pass in a blur, but don’t forget that September not only includes two deliciously long weekends for exploration and/or relaxation, but also a plethora of autumnal festivals; from the Nishinomiya Matsuri on the 23rd, where foreign residents are invited to carry their own shrine; to Kishiwada Danjiri which festival fanatic Paige remembers on PAGE?? as one of her very favourites.

To beat the post-Welcome Party blues, or for moments caught between classes and action packed weekends, have a browse of this month’s issue where you’ll find musings on making long distance relationships work; modern culture in the form of the Future Shorts Film Festival; and, at the opposite end of the cultural spectrum, the next stage of our Kannon pilgrimage; plus regular features Miso Green, Kicchiri Kitchen, Where are they now? and introductions to our charismatic new Hyogo CIRs.

I wish you all a fun-filled September, with genki students and minimal typhoon action – on that note: keep an eye on your neighbours for when to hang out washing; losing your delicates to a storm is never ideal, especially when considering the ‘metcha kawaii’ [read repulsive] ones you’d have to buy in replacement.

Submissions big and small to new email account hyogotimespublications@gmail.com by the 15th of the month.

Until October,


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