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Just Another List: Festivals in Hyogo, August 2015



So you want to see a summer festival this year? Chances are that whatever town you find yourself living in will have a perfectly lovely matsuri or three all prepared. However, if you want to venture elsewhere in our fine prefecture here’s a few you may have heard of.



Dekansho Matsuri

City: Sasayama

Place: Sasayama Castle Grounds

What: Eponymous summer festival; food stalls, games, fireworks, and dancing the dekansho dance.

When: August 15 & 16

10am-9pm more activities as the evening falls


Yodo River Fireworks Festival

City: Osaka

Place: The banks of the Yodo River from Shin Midosuji Yodogawa Railway Bridge to National Highway Route 2.

What: Fireworks!

When: August 4

7:50-10:40pm get there early to find a spot!


Daimonji Fire Festival

City: Kyoto (not in Hyogo, but the neighboring prefecture)

Place: many viewing spots, in particular along the Kamo River, between Sanjo and Imadegawa Streets

What: Bonfires are lit in the shapes of giant kanji and shapes on the mountains around the city.

When: August 16

First fire lit at 8pm


Awajishima Matsuri

City: Sumoto

Place: Ohama Beach

What: Many parades, festival food, and fireworks

When:July 31- August 1, Special Fireworks on August 2

Evening, Fireworks start 8pm


Kobe Fireworks Festival

City: Kobe

Place: Meriken Park, walk 15 minutes southbound from JR/Hanshin Motomachi Station

What: Fireworks!

When: August 8



Kinosaki Furusato Onsen Matsuri

City: Kinosaki

Place: Onsen Town (along the river North of Kinosakionsen Station)

What: Yukata contest, food stalls, onsen, fireworks

When: August 4

4pm- about 10pm




Compiled by Dana Warren

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