a not always forever




another year that flows on by

again comes the time for “goodbye”s and “hi”s

from the season of the fireflies

light up the night and take to the skies

to the season of the hana bee

send sparks through the air and float on free


soon will come the current of the sea

squeaky sand, and you, and me

we’ll leave our footprints for a time to be


then the waves will come. and

we’ll all part ways

to face head on the coming days


we’ll remember the nights of candles & food

popcorn & movies, the onsen & moon

defrosting a turkey & crafting a feast

concerts, bikes, jumbo ferries, and snowy trees


we’ll remember the feelings of forever

grateful the world’s brought us all together

for friendship is made of cats & stars

joking & laughing & singing

whenever you are


the bubbles of time will keep on turning

we’ll be here & there

constantly learning, but

next is the season of coming & going


while we’ve danced this dance many a turn

the steps aren’t any easier to learn

we’ll try to draw out the music for as long as it goes

but when the melody slowly fades, and dies

we know we can’t avoid the “goodbye”s


tears will flow inside my heart

because it’s sad

that we’ll be worlds apart


an extended hug & intense waves

will carry us on to our own new days

I’ll put our memories in a positive frame, but

for a not always forever

my heart will ache

knowing our lives will never again be the same


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