Coming to Hyogo

Let’s start at Narita International Airport, where volunteer JETs will be there to help guide you along to the bus that will take you to Keio Plaza Hotel. You will only be able to bring one checked bag, your carry on luggage and personal item with you to the hotel, so please pack for Tokyo Orientation accordingly.

You will also be given the option to have any baggage sent to your placement ahead of you. This makes things much more convenient and is highly recommended. In this case, you can pack your clothes for Tokyo orientation either in your carry-on luggage or one of your two checked bags.

The afternoon prior to leaving Keio, you will meet your Prefectural Advisors (in Hyogo, the CIR double up as PAs) at the Tokyo Orientation.  They will give you a run down on how you will reach your destination.

After Tokyo Orientation, you will be taking the Shinkansen to Osaka with the PAs. There will not be enough space for everyone to bring luggage onto the Shinkansen. The night before you leave, Orientation Assistants will take your larger suitcases and you should be left with your smaller, carry-on luggage.

After arriving in Osaka, next stop in Hyogo! You will board a bus that goes to Kato-shi in Yashiro. From there, one or two teachers from your school/BOE (often your go-between) will pick you up. The luggage you sent from the hotel will be waiting for you.

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