Getting Car Insurance

Driving in Japan rapidly develops your handling and emergency braking skills. It teaches your heart to beat faster than it previously could. It gives you newfound respect for the immense size and power of trucks. There are three kinds of car insurance in Japan.

Types of Car Insurance

  1. Compulsory: This is included in shaken charges, and goes directly to the government.
  2. 3rd Party Insurance: This covers damage to people, buildings, objects, power poles, etc. and also covers any vehicle you collide with. It is good to check that your coverage for people and objects is unlimited, which is normally the case. If it’s not, you could end up paying a year’s worth of wages if you ever hit a power pole, etc. Cost varies with the age of the driver and the type of car. Average costs range from ¥30,000 – ¥70,000 per year. Can be variously be paid monthly, or the whole year up front. Usually rural JETs insure with the insurance department of their local bank
  3. Full Coverage: This covers damages to your car, and increases your coverage for damage to an opponent’s car. It’s expensive. Recommended if you buy a car worth anything, and highly recommended if you’re leasing a car. If your car is not worth much, it is probably cheaper to not take full cover, and throw your car away if you have an accident, as the full cover premiums probably cost more than the car’s worth. The full insurance cost can be more than one year’s shaken.

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