Goodwill Envoys

The Hyogo Special Goodwill Envoy Program (兵庫友好親善大使) was set up so that people leaving Japan can stay connected with Hyogo. All JETs who are returning to their countries in July are invited to become Goodwill Envoys, so if you are not recontracting, you should receive the invitation around May. If you haven’t received anything and are interested in becoming a Goodwill Envoy, talk to your go-between. SHS ALTs, if your go-between at your school doesn’t know about it, try contacting the Hyogo BOE.

The title sounds a little daunting, but in reality there are no official commitments. By becoming a Goodwill Envoy, all you’re saying is that you want to stay connected with Hyogo Prefecture and teach people back home about Hyogo. How much you do as a Goodwill Envoy is completely up to you.

The following is information for 2011.

Conditions of Application for Hyogo Special Goodwill Envoy Project

Hyogo Prefectural Government will designate Hyogo JET participants, Hyogo Prefectural Overseas Technical Trainees, New Leaders from sister states/territories, trainees from Seine-et-Marne Department in France, and any other suitable candidates the prefecture accepts as Hyogo Special Goodwill Envoys. The following outlines the requirements for applicants of the Special Goodwill Envoy project. The Governor of Hyogo Prefecture will designate candidates as Hyogo Special Goodwill Envoys at a ceremony.

  1. Goodwill Envoys must meet the following requirements:
    1. Be willing and able to carry out Hyogo Prefecture PR activities in his/her home country.
    2. Have a strong desire to promote international understanding and exchange; a person who will actively participate in such activities in his/her home country.
  2. Application process:
    1. Those who wish to be a Hyogo Special Goodwill Envoy should complete the application form. After receiving approval from your host institution, please e-mail the form to the Hyogo Prefectural Government International Relations Division.
    2. Application deadline is TBD.
    3. Contact address for applicants
      Hyogo Prefectural Government International Relations Division
      TEL: 078-341-7711 (ext. 2104, 2096) FAX: 078-362-3961
    4. Please note:
      1. Your first name, last name, middle initial, your name in katakana and nationality will be printed on your certificate of appointment, so please make sure they are correct.
      2. We will use your e-mail address that you indicate when we send out information after you return to your home country.
  3. Schedule for applicants:
    1. 1Designation ceremony: date TBD, held at the Hyogo House in Kobe
    2. Reception: TBD, held at the Hyogo House

The applicants will be notified of details at a later date.

Make sure you ask your school if you will have to use nenkyu. If they say yes, call the PAs.

To check out pictures from the 2013 Goodwill Envoy Ceremony, visit the Hyogo Friendship Network website.

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