Buying a Car

In Japan, there is the usual assortment of cars you’d find in any country, but there is also a range of vehicles only available in Japan called K-cars or keijidosha (軽自動車) meaning ‘light cars’. They are the cheapest option, and are easily identifiable by their yellow license plates. The main advantages of K-cars are their […]

Goodwill Envoys

The Hyogo Special Goodwill Envoy Program (兵庫友好親善大使) was set up so that people leaving Japan can stay connected with Hyogo. All JETs who are returning to their countries in July are invited to become Goodwill Envoys, so if you are not recontracting, you should receive the invitation around May. If you haven’t received anything and […]

Certificate of Participation

Another document that you might need to get is a Certificate of Participation. Essentially, this is a bilingual document that certifies that you worked for your contracting organization on the JET Programme for your contract period. If you need one, contact your Contracting Organization and ask them for a Zaishoku Shoumeisho (在職証明書) If you want […]

Police Clearance Certificate

After you go back home, some programs in some countries will require that you get a police clearance certificate (犯罪経歴証明書). For example, if you want to become a teacher in New Zealand, you will probably need a police clearance certificate to become registered. If this is the case, make sure you get one before you […]

Post-JET Visa Advice

Note: The Alien Registration system was abolished in summer 2012 and has been replaced by a new Residency system. Please view the following Ministry of Justice pamphlet for more details: New Residency Management System Staying in Japan for sightseeing or arranging your affairs If you are a first or second year, you may stay in Japan […]

Preparing for your Successor

All of us can remember those anxious weeks before we came on JET. Some of us had predecessors who never got around to telling us much about what we were getting ourselves into, and some of us had predecessors that drew detailed maps of the grocery store. Welcome Email Make sure you prepare a welcome […]