Once a month, when you get your paycheck, your school (or BOE) will probably also give you a piece of paper describing it in detail. Here’s an explanation for those of you wondering how everything adds up.
For most JETs in the Hyogo , Payday will be on the 16th of any given month.

Salary (報酬額)

The normal amount is ¥280,000 (for first year JETs) or determined by your year on JET, but for some of you, the amount might be more. Any extra money there will be for paying other expenses, such as your Japanese taxes, so please make sure to confirm with your office what the extra money is for.

Pension (厚生年金)

Generally around ¥20,000. On the one hand, this is a hefty sum. On the other hand, you will be able to ask for it back when you leave Japan.

Employment Insurance (雇用保険)

About ¥2,000. All JETs are legally required to enter (and pay for) the employment insurance scheme. Though you can’t get this money back, if for some reason you are jobless and in Japan, you might qualify for unemployment benefits. For more information, see

Health Insurance (健康保険)

About ¥14,000. Another piece of insurance that the JET is responsible for is Health Insurance. For more information, see About our Health Insurance

Income Tax (所得税)

Depending on the tax treaty your country has with Japan, you might be required to pay Japanese taxes. Fortunately, your salary will be increased to compensate you for these taxes.

Resident Tax (住民税)

Some JETs also have to pay resident taxes. Again, if you do, your salary will be increased to compensate. For more information, see Resident Taxes.

Other Deductions (その他)

Since we all have different contracting organizations, you might have other deductions in your paycheck. Some Contracting Organizations will deduct enkai membership dues (親睦会), and others will deduct your rent (家賃). If you have any questions about your paycheck, try talking to your go-between.

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