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It’s Whitney, your Hyogo AJET webmaster, here. I am very excited to upload another guest post from English Boardom. This time we will be looking at some vibrant material from Ashlie. Enjoy and be inspired!


Basically I have one main board that catches the attention of students with a little English on it that is simple for all the students. It also adds colour to my hallway and draws attention to my other English board.

Now let’s look at my main board this month. I always have a new word of the week. I often write the word in Japanese if it is difficult. I try to make the word relevant to the seasons or events.


I also have a song of the week. I attach the words, web link and I usually draw a picture that is related. I sometimes attach links of fun English YouTube videos the students might want to watch. I have used Ashley the ALT from Hyogo’s ‘say what’ videos before.


My phrase of the week is always a phrase or piece of slang that is often used in western culture. My two most recent were a bakers dozen (13) and a piece of cake (easy).


I also have a new puzzle each week the kids do. They have included mazes and crosswords. When the students finish them they write their names and class on the back and receive a prize. They put the finished puzzles in my letterbox. My letterbox is also for letters and questions the students may have.


Another feature of my board is called “Ashlie’s Life.” I include pictures and comments on what I have been doing. It helps the students to relate to me and encourages them to read.

There is another section on my board with information pertaining to things such as Easter, Valentines Day, Christmas, New Years traditions along with information about Australia and where I am from. This also changes weekly.


In addition to the above English Boards, I have four boards that show off my students work in the hallway. It is to show the students what they are capable of. I put the best posters out to attract the attention of other students. 🙂

Thank you so much Ashlie! If want to see more from her, please check out the website!

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