The Pension Refund

During our time on JET, we have been paying into the Japanese pension system. After we leave JET, we are eligible to receive a portion of this money back. There are two payments we are eligible for: the Pension Refund and the Pension Tax Refund. Although we are eligible for these, you will not receive […]

Status of Residence: Temporary Visitor

The following information has been taken from CLAIR’s 2014 After Jet Guide. CLAIR is not responsible for Visa issues and the following information should be useful only as a guide. To ensure that the following information is correct for your own situation, we suggest that you contact the Kobe District Immigration Office at 078-391-6377. If you […]

The New Face of Hyogo AJET

We’ve given our website a makeover for the first time in years. We’re phasing out the old wiki page and moving over to a site powered by WordPress. You can expect the new website to be updated with relevant information on a normal basis. It’s not going to collect dust! Here are some cool things […]