News from your National AJET Rep: November ’11

Greetings all from National AJET!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Thanks for all those who came out to the Block 6 and 7  AJET party in Amemura. It was a spooktacular success!

As we head into holiday season and look forward to winter trips, food, and ESS Christmas parties, please try to make room in your schedule for the following great opportunities from AJET.

AJET released its Outstanding Educator’s Program in October, and announced its first partnership under this program which is designed to provide educational opportunities to JETs and to showcase what they’re already doing!  As a part of this, two full TEFL scholarships will be given away in November.  The scholarships are provided through partnership with International TESOL Teacher Training (ITTT). Submit your application by November 10th!   ITTT is also providing a $95 discount on its 120 hour online TEFL course for JETs! Just go to ajet.net and look under “Resource” for more information about the Outstanding Educator’s Program and the TEFL scholarships.

Also, this month is drawing really close to the winter season! Stay warm! For winter break, if you haven’t decided on a trip and still want to, check out our non-profit partners! Tons of them are offering sweet educational/outdoorsy/volunteer/sightseeing/fruit eating tours and are great opportunities!

That’s it for this month! Hope to see you again next time around! :)


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