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What is the Future Shorts Film Festival?

Showcasing the most stimulating independent short films from across the world, Future Shorts is the biggest international short film festival of its kind. Founded in London in 2003 the festival is now celebrated around the globe with over 1700 screenings, across 6 continents in more than 350 cities in 90 different countries – that’s one huge international community of movie lovers!

Every three months a feature-length programme of award-winning, cult and classic shorts from around the world is created by Future Shorts’ top team in London. These films are then distributed to film enthusiasts the world over who host their own local screenings, becoming film entrepreneurs and promoters along the way.

FS_Summer_Festival_MapScreenings hosted from London to Tokyo, Cairo to Kabul, take place in cinemas, art galleries, bars, clubs, theatres and warehouses and are often accompanied by DJs, live music and art. The festival is an ever-evolving collaboration of international talent, creating a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talents to millions worldwide. Future Shorts is well worth a visit to engage with the work of such talented artists and embrace the power of film.

Celebrating the finest in creative and innovative film, Future Shorts tells global stories to global audiences and encourages worldwide discourse on the most incredible tales. In under an hour each of the carefully selected shorts transports you to a new culture, each realistically and emotionally portrayed in a triumph of filmmaking.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Future Shorts Film Festival, and the festival’s decade of global success is evident in the scintillating programme of films presented in the 2013 Summer Season. Allow Future Shorts just four hours to transport you to six different worlds; from exorcisms to Icelandic cult heroes, Louisiana to England, Ethiopian street children to animated Irish furniture…each story is captivating, engrossing and electrifying.

FS Programme

[As a pop-up festival, anyone can host a screening and join this global network, if you’re interested in hosting a screening find more information here.]

Future Shorts in Kansai

With three different Kansai venues and dates, you’re sure to find one to suit your calendar, but reserve online here to avoid disappointment and arrive early to bag the best seats!

·         Date & Time:   21st Sep 2013, 18:30-22:00
  • Venue:   Queen of Hoot, Kobe Kitano (see map)
  • Capacity:  40
  • Price:    2000Â¥ (6 films + 1 drink)


  • Date & Time: 28th Sep 2013, 18:30-22:00
  • Venue: ASAHI Lab Garden (see map)

530-0018 Osaka-shi Kitaku Komatsubara-cho 2-4, Osaka FukokuSeimei Building 4F

  • Capacity:  40
  • Price: 2000Â¥ (6 films + 1 drink)


  • Date & Time: 15th Sep 2013, 18:30-22:00
  • Venue: Oinai Karasuma (see map)
  • Nearest station: 鞍馬口(Kuramaguchi) exit 1
  • Capacity:  100
  • Price: 2000Â¥ (6 films + 1 drink)


With thanks to Wasabi Creation for their help with this article.

Charlotte Griffiths

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