Police Clearance Certificate

After you go back home, some programs in some countries will require that you get a police clearance certificate (犯罪経歴証明書). For example, if you want to become a teacher in New Zealand, you will probably need a police clearance certificate to become registered. If this is the case, make sure you get one before you […]

On purchasing Return Tickets

Conditions of entitlement You are entitled to a one-way economy-class ticket directly to the airport from which you departed to come to Japan if you follow these three criteria. Complete your contract in full Leave Japan to return to your home country within one month of ending your contract Do not enter into a subsequent […]

Checklist for Leaving Japan

Organize the teaching materials you used for your successor. Designate a Tax Representative (for your The Pension Refund). Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, your keitai contract, your Internet service contract, car insurance contract, etc. Pay your bills! (Your office should help you with this.) Rent Electricity, gas, and water bills (Arrange ahead of time for […]