News from your National AJET Rep: April ’11

Hello Hyogo. I know that this a rough time for everyone in light of the Tohoku earthquake. We are very lucky to be so far away from all that is going on, but please keep your nakama in the north in your memory and hope that they are all safe and sound.

Thanks to everyone to attending our big Valentine’s/V-Day in February! It was a HUGE success. We raised 140 000 yen for Kozmoz, who in turn is donating all proceeds to the earthquake relief efforts in the form of rice (nice)! Kozmoz director Barry Wyatt explains:
“It probably seems strange, it is much easier to donate money. I apologize but most groups that collect money use most if it for administrative costs, and usually only 10 to 20 percent is distributed to those that need it. That is why Kozmoz only donates food. And right now, rice and water is what is needed most. I appreciate your help.”

If anyone is interested in donating rice, please contact Barry Wyatt at

Sakura season is here, and with it comes lots of opportunities for fun and frolic:

April 16-17 – Hyogo, Kyoto and Shiga JETs are donning their ninja gear and taking over MIE! This month is Ninja Fest in Iga-Ueno. As written in the Mie Guidebook, “come to Iga and pay about Â¥1000 to dress up in a fairly authentic ninja costume and walk around all day…[testing] your ninja skills at various booths around town, such shuriken, candle-blowing, sling shot, and more. You’ll be with a lot of children but who cares.” Children? Psssh. We can take them.

April 23 – Hanshin Tigers vs. Yokohama BayStars! Over 200 JETs from all over Kansai will be in attendance. Visiting Yokohama fans will tremble and quake in our midst.

Finally, while you’re soaking up the (springtime) sun, let your creativity soar and enter the AJET Photo and Haiku Competitions (both close Tuesday May 31). Haikus can be in reference to life on JET or in the traditional style and can be written in English or in Japanese. We’re not fussy, so Humorous Haikus are welcome. As for photos, we are interested in ‘human’ or humorous photos of your life on JET. Landscape photos are unlikely to get much attention, so start thinking outside the box. And yes, there ARE prizes!
As always, thanks for your time and support. Let’s keep active and hope for happier times this spring for everyone, but let’s also do what we can to help others whether we personally know them or not. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” (That’s not me, that’s Einstein.)

Ninja vanish! *poof*

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