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Introducing Hyogo AJET 2013!

Hyogo AJET Committee 2013-14

Like National AJET, Hyogo AJET is here to help you make the most of your time in Japan as a JET. Hyogo AJET organizes local events and activities to celebrate and share the best of Hyogo within our little community. But it’s not only fun and games; Hyogo AJET is also a great source of information on living and teaching in Japan. And perhaps most importantly, there is the Hyogo Times itself; the magazine for Hyogo JETs to share their experiences and talents with the rest of the community. [Shameless plug: email hyogotimespublications@gmail.com to get involved!]


HAJET events in the pipeline this year include white water rafting in Shikoku, partying in downtown Osaka, a sake factory tour, camping and much, much more. Make sure you’re a member of the ‘Hyogo AJET’ Facebook group [https://www.facebook.com/groups/hyogoajetfma/?hc_location=stream] for all the latest events and information.

Of course our very first event is at the end of this month: THE WELCOME PARTY. Hyogo AJET’s biggest event of the year is in Kobe on Saturday 31st August at the Sannomiya Terminal Heineken Beer Garden [http://hyogo.beer-garden.info/kobe-central/sannomiya-terminal.php] So put it in your calendars now and come meet the rest of the rabble!


New this year from HAJET…

-       HAJET Book Club: for people who like to read and natter about books, probably over coffee and lots of cake. See the facebook event for details about the first book and meeting.


-       An easy-to-use Dropbox file where we can share teaching materials across the prefecture. Keep an eye on Facebook for details on how to access the file, and then please add your own lesson plans!


Now, without further ado, we introduce the charming faces of the 2013/14 HAJET Committee!


arjanArjan Tulsi

Year: 4th (“WOW, I’m a 4th year now!”)

Location: Akashi (but teaches in Takasago)

School type: SHS

Most likely to be found: “When I’m not at school you can find me trying to find somewhere new to eat, some music to check out, or a new running path/trail.

Top Japan tips: Be flexible and appreciative. If you decide to study Japanese, don’t neglect the Kanji. Go to Kyushu at least once.

Favourite places: That area in Kobe between Motomachi and Sannomiya, north of the station, Eki Mae (駅前) Sushi, Fukuoka, Huckleberry Records, the Iya Valley on Shikoku and Ame-mura/Horie/Minami Senba in Osaka.


peterheinhartmannPeter Hein-Hartmann

Year: 3rd

Location: West Kobe/Akashi

School type: SHS

Most likely to be found: enjoying the company of good friends or cycling around Kobe and Akashi.

Top Kobe tip: A little known bar in China Town (Motomachi) called Bar Puerto. 500¥ cocktails, no menu – they will just make whatever you want, and they make ‘em strong!


patriciajordanPatricia Jordan
Year: 3rd
Location: Asago City in Tajima, Northern Hyogo
School type: ES and JHS
Most likely to be found: Playing taiko, singing, or traveling for the weekend
Top Japan tip: Go to Sapporo in the summer for a couple of weeks either to study Japanese or just escape from the heat.  You won’t regret it!
Favorite place in Hyogo: Kinosaki Onsen


mattlimMatt Lim

Year: 3rd

School type: SHS

Most likely to be found: travelling by train

Top Japan tip: “Explore Japan whenever you get the chance!”





whitneylitzWhitney Litz

Year: 3rd

Location: Kami-cho (Tajima)

School type: JHS and Elementary

Most likely to be found: with a coffee in hand

Favourite place in Japan: Anywhere with a clear view of Mt. Daisen

Top Japan tip: “Write down the things your students say before you forget them”


charlottegriffiths1Charlotte Griffiths

Year: 2nd

Location: Nishinomiya

School type: SHS

Most likely to be found: pestering you to write for the Hyogo Times / hunting for mature cheese

Favourite places so far: Sapporo, partly for the Yuki Matsuri ice-sculpture festival, but mainly for the crab, lamb, cheese, butter ramen and beer and Nagano for skiing on ‘champagne powder’.



ryanhertelRyan Hertel

Year: 2nd

Location: Minamiawaji, Awaji

School type: JHS

Most likely to be found: Staring blankly at the grocery store fish section / In the city, shouting.

Top Japan tip: Carry a sweat towel in the summer, you won’t regret it [wash your towel before winter or you will regret it]

Favourite places so far: “Yuwaku onsen village, just outside Kanazawa, Ishikawa. It was my first Otaku voyage/hot spring experience. I highly recommend it. I’ve also given an obscene pile of yen to Murphy’s Irish Pub in Osaka.,,”



Paige Ngo

Year: 2nd

Location: Amagasaki

School type: SHS

Most likely to be found: trawling www.flypeach.com for the next bargain adventure

Top tip: try apple
and custard taiyaki – delicious!



cheriepham1Cherie Pham

Year: 2nd

Location: Kawanishi (on the outskirts of Osaka)

School type: SHS
Most likely to be found: taking photos of food

Favourite trip in Japan: “Biking the Shimani Kaido; over 70km from Onomichi, Hiroshima to Imabari on Shikoku. The achy legs and sore bum were well worth the stunning views over the seven bridges.




kyliepinderKylie Pinder

Year: 2nd

Location: Kobe Suzurandai

School type: SHS

Most likely to be found: stuck in Tumblr scroll downs trying to find amusing gifs for class (weekdays), or skulking through Motomachi spending too much money on vintage clothes (weekends).

Favourite place so far: Ainokura in winter; a tiny village of traditional gassho-zukuri houses locked away from the touristy hordes by masses of winter snow.


Anastasia WindelerAnastasia Windeler
Year: 2nd
Location: Kami-cho (Tajima area)
School type: 2 JHS and 3 Elementary
Most likely to be found: Practicing Ultimate Frisbee or checking out the random eateries in Tajima.
Top Japan tips: Be open to the chaos. Living in Japan can be quite an adjustment but the JET community and local community are amazing and you will find more than you can imagine by just getting out there and going with the flow.
Favorite places: Kyoto. There are a lot of wonderful historical sites, great architecture, good shopping locations, and great people. Tajima also has really great views; it makes the hour drive to work really pleasant.

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