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News From AJET: March 2015

Well, winter is finally coming to a close. We had the HAJET ski trip on the weekend of February 28. Fortunately, Saturday was freshly fallen snow and a sunny day. Not bad conditions for our skiing and snowboarding. Unfortunately, Sunday was rainy and warm. Instead of hitting the slopes, we headed to the local Chorakuji temple to see Muraoka’s big Buddhas. While we couldn’t get our ski trip to be a complete success, everyone seemed to have a great time. I guess it really is the end to the winter sport season. Spring is coming with its warm weather and beautiful flower blossoms and there is a lot to do. Why not get out of that winter funk with a new sport? Running!


That’s right. All over the prefecture there are marathon events with application deadlines approaching. With a range from 5k to full marathon, anyone can join. The running community in Japan is super friendly and always welcoming. Why not burn off some of that winter fat and bust that school year turnover stress with some running. Below is a list of just some of the marathons‘ names, lengths, and dates. If you are interested, why not get a group together and sign up. Try contacting people in your area. It’s a great way to spend a sunny spring weekend! For more information on the application, contact me at amwindeler@gmail.com


Unicef Cup Ashiya International Fun Run

10k & Half

April 12th

Mikibosai Spring Marathon


April 19th

Relay Marathon Festa in Kakogama

May 5th

Shinosen Marathon


May 24th

Tataragi Dam Marathon


June 7th

Zankoku Marathon


June 8th

Kanabe Marthon


June 21st


Anastasia Windeler

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