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News From AJET: January 2016

Happy New Year, everyone.


This is Sadie, the Tajima (read: boonies) Representative.


If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you’re back from holidays and getting settled into your kotatsu to wait out the remaining months of winter. Good, good, as you should be.


I’ve lived my entire life in a cold climate, but I never experienced the winter blues like I did my first year in Japan. Especially if your work environment is less than satisfactory and you can’t get over the fact that the insides of buildings are just as cold as the outside, it can be rough. So I’d like to remind everyone to take care, both physically and mentally, as we head into January and February. Now is an important time to reflect on all the good things you love about Japan and indulge in them somewhat gluttonously.


My personal favorite things to do on a regular basis are eating nabe, visiting onsen, and shelling out the extra money for strawberries. I highly recommend buying the slightly expensive food you’ve been eyeballing, and perhaps laying-off the alcohol a bit. You probably need the vitamins anyway.


And, if you need to get away, or would like to enjoy the snow, then please come up and visit Tajima. We don’t have the greatest amount of things to offer, but winter is our shining season in my opinion.


January 23rd will be our annual AJET Ski Trip. Beginners to Advanced are welcome, and we’re trying to find a trainer for anyone who’s never gone skiing or snowboarded before. In the evening, you’ll get to stay in a ryoukan, and eat and drink to your content.


February 6th and 7th is the annual Tajima Yuki Gasen or Snowball Fight Tournament. Make a team and enter to try and win a trip to Hokkaido! Or just come up to watch. Should be good either way. (Website here: http://yumetajima.jp/events/event/10415)


And right now, this very moment is crab season in Kinosaki. Fresh crab is almost non-existent where I live back in the States, so take advantage of the quality and quantity! Do a nabe, donburi, platter– you name it, they got it! Is it cheap? No. But it’s affordable, and you’ll likely never have such easy access to this level of quality for the price again, so don’t miss out! And afterwards, you can take a romantic stroll among the willow trees before relaxing in the onsen. http://visitkinosaki.com/dining/index/


Hope to see you around.


Stay warm, everyone!

Sadie Cornforth

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