News from your National AJET Rep: January ’12


I hope you all had a great winter break and that the return to school and cold weather (for those of you who traveled south) wasn’t too bad!  I have a few updates from AJET about things that have been happening over the past few months.

It was great having the chance to speak about AJET at the Skills Development Conference in November. Just as a reminder from that talk, we continue to offer a $95 discount on a sweet online TEFL Course. Registration starts at any time, so please go to http://ajet.net/outstanding-educators-program/ in order to sign up! We also have tons of lesson plans, professional development resources, and educational resources which can all be found on the website so please check it out!

In current events, AJET met with CLAIR and the 3 ministries on December 12-13th to present the findings of the surveys that you filled out about “English Education in Elementary School” and the “Peer Review of the PA System.” We made a number of suggestions based on your replies about the JET Programme and the situation of these in Japan. Make sure to go to http://ajet.net/category/downloads/national-ajet-reports/ to read these reports and see what the replies were from the ministries.

Finally, AJET is also now preparing for elections, which will occur in late January. Please keep an eye out for information from me about how to run!

Stay warm (and go snowboarding, skiing, or nabe-eating once in awhile to beat the winter blues;)

Until next month,


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