Meet the Editors! August 2014


As we start the new JET year and welcome all the new Hyogo-ites, we’d like to introduce ourselves…


(I'm the happy one)
(I’m the happy one)
Editor in Chief : Sean Mulvihill

2nd year High School ALT, Kobe


You would never know by reading my past Hyogo Times contributions that it pains me to use idioms, platitudes, and other literary clichés, but like many, I am prisoner to their simplicity. So here goes a brief summary of my current thoughts as the new Hyogo Times editor; time flies, times change and we with it, and time for a new beginning. Although if I had to guess, these thoughts are running through just about everyone else’s head this time of year as well. Late July and early August are filled with sad goodbyes to those leaving and joyous greetings toward new JETs arriving. It’s both a time to look back and remember why you came to Japan and think about what you want to accomplish going forward.


Just remember that with all this looking back and forward don’t become dizzy or overwhelmed (Japan’s summer heat will only make it worse). We are all taking new steps into the unknown, perhaps having to fill some pretty big shoes – Charlotte, the previous editor, left some giant ones – but we all have something unique to offer in any new position we enter. Go forward with excitement, positivity, and a willingness to try new things, like eating fugu or perhaps becoming a contributing member to this webzine (the mental image of me giving you an elbow prod should appear right about now). Kidding aside, try not to get bogged down by the small issues because it takes away from the truly remarkable opportunity we all have been given.


This issue, possibly the first for many of you, is overflowing with even more advice and tips from your fellow JETs, just take a look at Ashlie’s suggestions on how to survive in Japan and Claire’s article on beating the heat. Two new contributors, Scott and Brittany, take us to imaginative worlds of fiction, while Anastasia brings us the world of Ultimate, and our new chef, Helen, gives us the insight on how to make a delicious pumpkin. As usual you can update yourself with current events, see why JETs decided to stay another year, and keep busy during the summer lull by reading and enjoying live music.


One last piece of advice I’ll give is to please, please for all that is sacred on this Earth, use Google (or Bing for those sticking it to the Man) to find answers to your questions. After initial research with still no answer, then feel free to put it on Facebook – although I would still recommend reaching out verbally as a way to build personal relationships. You don’t want to become that person known for constantly annoying posts. You will be judged. You have been warned. Other than that stay cool and have an amazing year. As an old friend once said, “The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again.”




ht_erika_layout.edLayout Editor : Erika Horwege

2nd year High School ALT, Sanda

Hi all! I hope that your summers have been full of adventure – be it preparing to join JET and move to Japan or spending time with friends and taking advantage of summer nenkyu, time is certainly passing by quickly. It’s been hard to say goodbye to the departing ALTs, but exciting to welcome the new ones!
I’m Erika, a second-year teaching high school students in Sanda. When not spoiling my ESS club with baked goods, I can be found trying new conbini snacks, waxing poetic about the wonders of penguins, and deciding on my next travel destination. I’m also one of the new Hyogo AJET prefectural reps, and am excited about the events this year! From recurring meet-ups like Book Club to annual trips like whitewater rafting in Shikoku or Yuki Matsuri in Hokkaido, there are some pretty wonderful things to look forward to!
Another great way to be more involved in the Hyogo JET community is to contribute to the Hyogo Times (shameless plug, I know, but subtlety isn’t my strong point). Whatever your interest is – photography, cooking, current events, reviews, fiction, poetry – the HT can be your creative outlet (and a nice addition to your résumé). I started as the layout editor a few months ago when the position opened up. I’ve done some design work before, but not much layout, so I am loving the opportunity to learn new creative techniques and explore design programs.
So, welcome to Hyogo (or welcome back!) for a new year – let’s enjoy!



A reminder that the summer heat won't last forever!
Don’t worry, this summer heat won’t last forever :)
Online Editor : Dana Warren

3rd year High School ALT, Sasayama

Hello Hyogo! First of all, a great big welcome to all the newbies arriving this month in the world’s best prefecture. And a great big がんばって!to the awesome second, third, fourth, and fifth years staying on to guide those precious こうはいs in this grand adventure. I’m Dana, a third year highschool ALT in Sasayama, home to the always delicious Wild Boar (いのしし), often tasty Black Soy Bean (くろまめ), and decidedly gooey Mountain Yam (やまいも). In my free time, I pursue an interest in everything! The Hyogo AJET and Block 6 events are particularly interesting, but I also love the accidental discoveries found while traveling alone in the far flung recesses of this grand prefecture we call home.

I fell into the Hyogo Times world when a former editor casually mentioned trouble finding an online editor two years ago. Since then, I have enjoyed creating a webpage to rival all webpages, but I couldn’t do that without the splendid words and pictures created by YOU the true makers of the Hyogo Times. So keep it coming Hyogo; together we can change the world… or at least, make a cool webzine.





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