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Everything I’ve Learned: 5 things to watch this month



Get lost this month in a number of imaginary worlds. Whether it’s the Marvel or Disney Universe, a post-apocalyptic Australia, a fantastical Shibuya or the hilarious town of Pawnee you’ll find something to enjoy.


Avengers: Age of Ultron directed by Joss Whedon, release: 4 July 2015

In a world where our lives are defined by the unknown, it appears that we can be comforted with the certainty that every year we’ll have a new superhero movie, or three, to look forward to. Since 2002, starting largely from the success of X-men in 2000 (though an argument might be made by fans of Blade released in 1998), there has not been a year where less than two Marvel heroes appear on the big screen and there’s even more if you include the DC Universe. The creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Ironman’s release in 2008 continued to spur the climb of world guardians and it’s why we now find ourselves with the second installment of The Avengers.

Joss Whedon, best known for his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers, returns as director along with all our favorite characters, as well as the obvious new heroes and villains with their own spectacular computer-generated imagery. Although not exactly sure about the story or if it connects to plots found in the comic books, if the fourteen years of training I’ve had since watching X-men have taught me anything, it’s what Medium writer, Sady Doyle says perfectly, “There’s a thing and a bad guy and the bad guy steals the thing, so they fight. They lose one fight and then they lose another fight and then they win the last fight. The end.” However, even this probably won’t stop me – or you for that matter – from killing a random weekend numb in front of the screen while I stuff my face with Mint Kobe’s half & half popcorn.


the boy and the beastThe Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no ko) directed by Mamoru Hosoda, release: 11 July 2015

Although I think back to most of the mentors in my life with gratitude, there’s still a gnawing annoyance that not one of them was a katana-wielding mythical beast. Unfortunate as it is, there is some solace in the fact that I may live vicariously through Kyuuta, a lonely boy from crowded Shibuya who one day stumbles into an imaginary realm and meets Kumatetsu. From then on Kumatetsu takes Kyuuta under his wing and becomes his spiritual guide. With much for Kyuuta to learn and overcome, the viewer can be guaranteed to witness a “traditional yet novel story.”


mad maxMad Max: Fury Road directed by George Miller, release: 20 June 2015

It always feels a little bit like Christmas morning when I can write about Tom Hardy for two months in a row. Though last month, I was simply suggesting the reader pick up Child 44 before Hardy stars in the movie, this month no prior reading is necessary for his newest film Mad Max: Fury Road (though reviewing the first three movies might give you an appreciation for the series). Set in a future where civilization has collapsed due to water and oil scarcity, Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron!, plans an escape from the cult leader Immortan Joe and his army, the War Boys. During the ensuing chase, “Mad” Max Rockatansky (Hardy) and a prisoner at the time, finds himself working with Furiosa as both try to outrun and outride their captors.


parks and recreation season 7Parks & Recreation: Season 7, release: 2 June 2015

Too be completely honest, I have not seen a single episode of Parks & Recreation, though it sits on top of my list for shows to follow once I find the time. It’s up there with Broad City, House of Cards, and True Detective. Although I missed all the episodes, it was extremely hard to miss the outpouring of positive reviews when this season and series ended and it’s not hard to understand when you look at the tremendously strong cast led by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Obviously not a season to miss if you’re a fan of the series, though if you’re like me it may be better to start at the beginning and all the heartwarming and hilarious ways these Indiana public officials tried to make their town a better place.


tomorrowlandTomorrowland directed by Brad Bird, release: 6 June 2015

Brad Bird’s name isn’t one that many people probably recall without the help of the internet or a smartphone. Though I might guess Bird is happy enough to have his movies remembered even if his name slips from memory. The man behind The Iron Giant, The Incredibles (not only the director, but voice of costume creator Edna Mode), Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol sets his sights on Walt Disney’s utopian vision for the future in his newest movie Tomorrowland. The movie stars George Clooney as a previous inventor turned bitter old man and a young idealistic Britt Robertson who together try to discover the secrets behind Tomorrowland.


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