June 2015


From the start of June it’s 58 days, 1392 hours, 83520 minutes, or 5011200 seconds until my contract officially ends with JET and, though I might paint myself as someone anxiously counting down the days by knowing that, the truth is I’m nervously watching those numbers, worried that I’m running out of time. If you’re leaving at the end of July or earlier, now is the time to start planning your departure. If you’re staying, enjoy watching the rest of us panic.

I’ll repeat that sage advice you’ve heard throughout your years, “Do not save it until the last minute, if you do, it won’t get done.” Thank you Ms. Powers, my fifth grade teacher. Seriously though, start to let all those places you visit often know it’ll be your last month in July. Whether it’s the gym, your barber, downstairs neighbor, or the cute girl behind the Lawson’s counter, tell them so they aren’t left thinking you died in a dark dank gaijin trap all by yourself. Who knows, you may even get gifts or discounts in return. For those who took the time to make your stay here as comfortable as possible go the extra step and give them a Thank You card and small treat. Surprisingly, those can take a lot longer to write than expected, so again, start now!

Did you somehow acquire way more things than you brought with you and now you’re wondering where that blender come from? Give it away, sell it, or mail it ahead of you. No one wants to frantically run out the night before the flight home searching for another suitcase to accommodate all those random piece of junk… sorry… I mean sentimental and valuable items that should never, never be thrown away.

If everything is done or you need a break open this month’s issue of the Hyogo Times and enjoy an interview with Simon Darveniza, an Australian whose found a great way to explore Japan on a budget, or skim through what JET’s have been saying about their time here in our new section “Until It’s Experienced.” Once you’re done with those take a look at our regular sections and see what you missed at AJET Block 6’s Biwa Boat Cruise, find the 5 movies you should see this month, a new recipe, and more. Simply put, check off the annoying, but essential things from your list now that way you can spend the final weeks visiting any final places you’ve been meaning to or seeing the friends you’ll miss when you’re gone. As a friend once said, “I never meant to leave, but girl I gotta go. Selfish it may be, but know my heart ain’t cold. I got some things to see, but tonight get on the floor. Better yet, jump on the board, surf’s up this wave gon’ take us all.”


Sean Mulvihill

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