Sh_tting Yourself:  A Tale of Hospital Discovery
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Sh_tting Yourself: A Tale of Hospital Discovery

Despite being accident prone for most of my life, I have done an astounding job of avoiding hospital stays. While I may have had a brief brush with the emergency ward after breaking my collarbone at age five I have never actually had to do an overnight stay. Until now that is. Still making it…

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The Disappointments and Pleasures of a New JET Arrival

      Day 1 – 14:00   I was expecting a beautiful young woman in a maid costume. But my supervisor turned out to be a middle aged man with furry eyebrows. Major bummer! He didn’t drive a suped-up Civic with pounding bass either. But the passenger door opened at the push of a…


September 2016

Greetings!   Remember, remember the month of September- it’s when school resumes. Yes, I’m sure we’re all aware that we’re back to work this month and I’m sure we’re all thrilled about that prospect. If you’re new, it might be a shock to actually start classes; if you’re old, it might be a shock how…