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The Feelings of Being in a New Place


Honestly, I am excited to the core, however, having an unfurnished apartment was both horrifying and daunting! Thankfully though, my Kocho-sensei and his family decided to host me for a couple of days so I could get all my things ready in my apartment. As I began to look at all the costs of all the things I would have to pay for upfront, it struck me that I will be broke before my next pay day. Therefore, I took action and after a few days, I decided to ask the teachers around me if they knew shops that had second hand items. They pointed me in the direction of the recycle shops and I was pleasantly surprised at the cost and quality of their items. What was even more astounding was that the whole school began to help me furnish my apartment in order to avoid me spending a ridiculous amount on start-up costs. I was able to receive appliances and basic needs from teachers and my Kocho-sensei whereas I received furniture, bikes and dishes from Muraoka High-School. In all honesty, I was speechless as there were no words to describe the emotions I was feeling as they managed to lift a heavy burden off my shoulders. I definitely plan to return this gracious support and will start by hosting each and every individual who supported me during this transition to my new life in Japan. Furthermore, I will also show my appreciation through a customary gift of gratitude.


Why I applied for JET:

It has been a few years since I have been back to Toyooka. There are so many wonderful memories of my experience through the Lions Youth Exchange Program that made me realize that I wanted to come back ever since so, here I am!!


What You’re Most Looking Forward to in Japan:

There are so many things that I am looking forward to during my stay in Japan. Specifically, I want to immerse myself into the culture and share my culture with everyone else! I can’t wait to become an active part of the community, whether through volunteering, spending time with the elderly (and listening to their amazing stories) and of course, teaching English to the students at Toyooka Sogo Highschool!


Your Feelings on Orientation:

Long days, lots of coffee and a bunch of information to process. The orientation was quite informative, but at times it was difficult to concentrate.


Your First Impressions of Your Town:

It’s BIG! They first told me that the town is quite inaka so I was under the impression there would only be a few convenient stores and perhaps a single larger grocery store. To my surprise however, my town was a like metropolitan downtown area where shops are not too far away and WE EVEN HAVE A UNIQLO!!!


Byron Lim


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