Oh, Crawling Thing

Crawling thing, on the floor of

my room, are there many more of


Vilest evil through and through

Tell me: why so many arms?

Is it to count the charms

That I have sought

Made and Bought?

To keep you from my house

Loathéd more than roach or mouse

Or snarling rat with plague

I feel I’m being far too vague

On just how much I hate

Abhor, detest, execrate


Antithesis of good and true

Enemy of all that’s pure

I tell thee now, vacate my floor

And travel back to darkest hell

Where such abominations dwell

As you will be well suited

I order thee- be uprooted

I cast you out, oh thing unkind

Out of sight and out of mind

Out of light and out of border

Back beyond the brackish border

‘Tween my world and the earth of

That place whence saw the birth of


Malfeasant and new

Budding, fecund, infantile

Wretched, loathsome, sesqui-vile

But now I will undo your tenure

Pour boiling water and then your

Reign is done

Here sets the sun

On my life’s most unkind body

Burn in hell, foul mukade

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