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  1. The thing with driving permits / licenses in Japan is that it’s different depending on your nationality.
    For example, as a German citizen I was not allowed to drive on an IDL (international driver’s license).
    I had to obtain a translation of my German license instead.

    A lot of other nationalities are allowed to drive on an IDL in Japan, though.

    However, that’s only valid for 12 months of staying in Japan, after that it has to be turned into a Japanese one.
    Again, it depends on your nationality.
    I didn’t have to take a test or driving lessons.
    I just had to bring the translation of my German driver’s license, had an eye check-up and watched a short video done.

    Citizens from many other countries have to take driving license and the test and it takes forever … and a lot of money.

    Thanks for taking the time to create this PDF! :)

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