Red Leaf

October 2012


Red LeafWell the new month is here and that makes me another year older. It’s a little bit strange to be sitting here and contemplating the fact that I could have just had my last birthday in Japan. It somehow seems appropriate to start considering that (giant) change that will take place in my life over the next year as the season starts to shift too. Hopefully the scary fact that I have NO IDEA what I will be doing by this time next year will slowly morph from the terrifying I’m going to fail at everything and die (the deepest, darkest depths of Winter) to you know what, I can cope with this and do whatever I like (the heady hopes of Spring). With any luck the rest of you won’t be facing such conundrums because your birthdays fall at better times of the year (though I will still say Autumn’s the best – you just can’t beat the colour scheme).

Random aside aside, what do we have for you this month? Not a huge amount I’m afraid (Oh new writers, where are you lurking?!?), but what we have will provide some distraction, especially if we have any more typhoons swirling towards us in the next few weeks (though they should all be done soon right? Right? I nearly got stuck in Korea…). Wondering why dating can be so hard in Japan? We have a story of incredulity, woe and solution where you’ll see there’s hope yet (sort of ><). Contemplating the bigger questions in life? Our very own ex-editor relates her experiences of a course that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Inviting people over but worried about fussy eaters? Hand-rolled sushi may well be the answer to your prayers. All that, plus a special introduction to some potentially very useful little websites.

Enjoy, and then get writing for us! The deadline, as always, is the 15th of the month.


P.S. If you have any comments or suggestions about the Hyogo Times, send them through to the same address as submissions –

P.P.S. Enjoy the cooler weather – I know I am!


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