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5 Restaurants you must visit in the Kansai area


Good restaurants are usually hard to find, especially if you’re looking for some that have successfully mimicked the flavors of the west, from the gravamen to the bone itself. If you’ve been on the hunt and have come up empty handed, I’m here to reassure you to ‘look no further!’ In this article, I’ll share some unique finds that will provide not only exceptional food, but quality service.


1. Fiesta

Located in Akashi city, just a few minutes from the outlet mall in Kobe, this quaint Italian restaurant sits on the opposite side of the bay, across from Awaji Island. Diners may enjoy eating outdoors, while relishing in the sounds of the crashing waves on the rocks below. As a bonus, customers will be privy to behold the captivating images of the setting sun and moments later, the ‘night lights’ as they dash from one side of the bridge to the next in a frenzy of colours. For a more intimate setting however, a candle lit dinner indoors may be had. Whatever the setting, be sure to give this restaurant a try.


2. Pizzeria e trattoria Da Masaniello

For the love of pizza and a good vibe, this restaurant (though small) never fails to deliver! With waiters and waitresses remembering you vividly the second time around, you’ll quickly find yourself settling in the casual ambiance that the restaurant provides. If ever you’re travelling from Nishinomiya to Takarazuka, do take the opportunity to make a stop here! It’s on the left, across from Mos Burger. You won’t regret it!


3. Shimairo Café

Want to have pancakes for lunch at one of the best pancake joints in the Kansai area? Well, check out this restaurant in Nishinomiya. These will be the best pancakes you’ve ever tasted in your life! The accompanying treats are also worth your while and the staff may give you a ‘free’ treat if you compliment them on the food you’ve tried!

Amazing right? The space is a bit tight and the seats are in high demand as avid restaurant goers tend to go there in droves! Make your reservation way in advance or be sure to get there early!


4. Aimable

So as is customary in Japan, the teachers of my school’s English department organizes an official welcome dinner for the new ALT a few weeks after he/she has taken office. I was lucky enough to be treated to a healthy organic meal at an Italian Restaurant in Nishinomiya. Though the name is French, it does stay true to the Italian cuisine advertised. If you’re someone who fancies eating strictly organic food in and out of the confines of your home, satisfy your taste buds with a meal at Aimable.


5. Los Incas

As a Spanish speaker, I was excited when I first learned that there were a few restaurants in Umeda offering meal options from an authentic Spanish cuisine- ‘Mexican’. Nothing beats a spicy Mexican flavor after all…right? What’s more is that, I was able to meet and interact with other Spanish speakers there! The owner- a Peruvian native, is pretty much multilingual, extremely friendly and musically inclined. You will be able to experience the taste of Mexico while basking in the sounds an array of musical genres from South America. If you go there, tell him ‘la jamaiquina Tamarrah le manda un saludo!’ (Tamarrah ‘the Jamaican’ sends her regards).



So, which of the aforementioned restaurants has caught your attention? Be sure to try one out today!


Tamarrah Brown


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