When It Hits:Five albums for April 2015
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When It Hits:Five albums for April 2015

  Ivy Tripp by Waxahatchee (7 Apr 2015) Just one of the many female vocalists who have been taking indie music to unique places in recent years, Katie Crutchfield has been on a roll with the upcoming release of her third album in the last five years. Her soft voice, with an underlining raspiness supported…

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When It Hits: 5 Albums You Should Listen to This Month

                Although Hyogo Times may have satiated your intellectual and visual cravings with literary and film recommendations, we haven’t forgotten about your auditory needs. In his song “Trenchtown Rock,” Bob Marley sings, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” However, to suggest that listening to music is merely…