Hello From AJET: November 2014

Welcome to November!


By now you’ve reflected on all you heard at the Skills Development Conference and might even have plans to put some of those key learnings into action. A big thanks to our fellow ALTs who organized the conference and a final round of applause for all those who presented.

Moving forward, school responsibilities may be taking up more time than usual as the wave of speech and recitation contests and Open-High School events rolls in. But as our days get shorter and colder, don’t forget to take time for yourself and enjoy the sights of Japan in the fall. There are plenty of beautiful places in Hyogo and the surrounding area to view the vibrant momiji. Treks through the mountains of Kobe or a day trip to Tajima are well worth the time. A visit to Engyoji Temple in Himeji also provides gorgeous views of the foliage. Plan your trip on the first weekend of November to coincide with the Himeji Pottery Festival!

Kyoto city also offers gorgeous autumn scenery set against famous temples. If you’re looking for more motivation to venture out, make a day trip to Kyoto on Saturday, November 8 and participate in the Block 6 Capture the Flag game in Arashiyama (more details on Facebook, “Active in Arashiyama + Night Capture the Flag!”).

November also tends to signal a comfortable acceptance of routine. By now first year JETs are finding their strides while the veterans are halfway through a well-planned semester. ;) Everyone is cautiously aware of the dropping temperatures and adding extra layers. Thankfully, this month we have two long weekends to fill with travel, entertainment, and enjoying time with friends. Make the most of November and be sure to embrace this crisp season as it quickly passes. Hyogo is a beautiful place this time of year; we’re lucky to call this prefecture our home.





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