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Hyogo Times

The Hyogo Times is a monthly magazine written by JETs for JETs! Every issue is chock full of content, including interviews, current events articles, travel guides, recipes, lesson plans, Japanese language learning tips, book and movie reviews, and amusing Engrish. Submissions can be made by the 15th of each month by e-mailing hyogotimespublications@gmail.com.

Current Hyogo Times Staff: 

Editor: Rory Kelly

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Online: Dana Warren

Regular Contributors: (We are starting a new JET year! If you want to be a Hyogo Times Author contact us at hyogotimespublications@gmail.com!)

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Previous Staff:


Editor: Brittany Teodorski

PDF DesignBrittany Teodorski

Online: Dana Warren

Regular Contributors: Rackle Beaman, Rory Kelly, Jillian MacKenzie, Brittany Teodorski, Louise Warren, Mandy Wong

AJET Representatives: Ashlie O’Neill, Tyler Bissonnette, Cody Christensen, Brittany Teodorski, Sadie Cornforth, Jillian Mackenzie, Claire Bronchuk, Chris Goodman, Sylvette Jacynthe, Peter Hein-Hartmann, Alan Lau



Editor: Sean Mulvihill

LayoutErika Horwege

Online: Dana Warren

Regular ContributorsRachel Beaman, Cassady Bender, Louie Bertenshaw V, Claire Bronchuk, Ryan Hertel, Erika Horwege, Larisa Kile, Scott Patterson, Brittany Teodorski, Helen Yuan

AJET Representatives: Claire Bronchuk, Chris Goodman, Peter Hein-Hartmann, Ryan Hertel, Erika Horwege, Sean Mulvihill, Ashlie O’Neill, Kylie Pinder, Anastasia Windeler



Editor: Charlotte Griffiths
Graphics: Karen Cornish /Erika Horwege
Online: Dana Warren
Regular ContributorsClaire Bronchuk; Jon Burroughs; Charlotte Griffiths; Emily Lemmon; Uluwehi Mills; Sean Mulvihill; Adam Nelson; Paige Ngo; Cherie Pham; Kylie Pinder; Taylor Wettach
AJET Representatives: Arjan Tulsi, Peter Hein-Hartmann, Patricia Jordan, Matt Lim, Whitney Litz, Charlotte Griffiths,Ryan Hertel, Paige Ngo, Cherie Pham, Kylie Pinder, Anastasia Windeler


2012 – 2013

Editor: Imogen Custance
Graphics: Karen Cornish
Online: Dana Warren
Regular ContributorsJon Burroughs; Dwayne Colbourne; Imi Coustance; Anna Henley; Emily Lemmon; Lauren McRae; Paul Shuble; Daniel “Tako” Taccone
AJET Representatives: Arjan TulsiPeter Hein-Hartmann, Patricia Jordan, Matt Lim, Whitney Litz,  Ryan Hertel,  Kylie Pinder,