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News From AJET: May 2015



Although Golden Week is over, there are still many chances for after-school adventures and weekend getaways this month. There are dozens of upcoming events to keep even the most active of ALTs busy – fill up your schedules and enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather before the infamous Hyogo rainy season hits!

It might be a clichéd proverb, but this year’s (unusual) April showers certainly have brought the May flowers. If the vivid splashes of azaleas haven’t filled your flower fix, head to Asago-shi’sShiraiOomachi Fuji Park (白井大町藤公園) to catch the end of the wisteria season, Sanda’sYoutakuji Temple (永澤寺) for a carpet of phlox flowers, or to Awaji for one of the Spring flower exhibitions. If flowers aren’t your thing, show off your trivia mastery at the Tajima Pub Quiz this weekend. Unfortunately, this year’s Awaji Camping Trip is full, but you can avoid FOMO with a sunset cruise at the AJET Block 6 Biwa Boat Ball. Spend your post-ball recovery day browsing the handicrafts and food at Kyoto’s Kamigamo Shrine.

Once the appeal of alcohol returns, toast to the weather at Osaka’s Oktoberfest in Nagai Park from May 15th-31st, or venture farther out to Tottori prefecture’s Mt. Daisen Beer Festival held on June 13th and 14th. For something closer to home, take advantage of the Tajimawaru premium tour bus – unlimited Saturday/Sunday/holiday travel on Tajima-area buses for only 500円. Visit top Tajima attractions, including the Takeda Castle ruins, Izumi castle town, and KinosakiOnsen.

DSC_0957With so many opportunities for socializing, travel, and school involvement, I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotations, attributed to Neil Barringham: “the grass is greener where you water it.” It is easy to stretch yourself thin with so much going on in the warmer months, so take care and prioritize what makes you healthy and happy.


Erika Horwege



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