News from AJET: July 2015


A Super big “Howdy-do” and “Ya-ho” to all from your friendly neighbourhood Hyogo AJET helper-type guy, ME!!!


As we welcome the month of July with open arms, we also welcome some very important events and dates that are recognized by many from our international community hot-pot that is Hyogo AJET. Do any of these ring a bell with you: Canada Day, Independence Day (July fourth in the U.S., not the movie), Bastille Day (La Fete nationale)? If not then that is ok! That is what Google is for! They are just a few of the many more great days to come, but I would just like to focus a little on what the month of July might mean for some Hyogoins. “Hyogoins” you say? Allow me to explain.

I use the term to loosely refer to our co-workers, our friends, our family – those that have touched us and who have been touched on this special journey that they took part in, the JET program. July is a time where those that have come to the end of their journey in Hyogo… are “goin”.

Being on JET for me has been a life changing experience to say the least. I have met all manner of JETs during my time here in this wonderful placed called Japan. I have met those that came for adventure. I have met those that came for a career. I have met those that came for family and loved ones and I have also met those that just came to party. Some flourished while others struggled. Some will look back and think of this as the time of their lives.

To those of you who have given of yourself and participated above and beyond what may have been expected of you and helped improve the image of JET and in turn native English speaking ALTs, we thank you!

To many of you who are returning, you have been a part of Japan while you have served on JET, and Japan will continue to be a part of you for years to come. You might find that you take your shoes of when entering homes, or you sit down to dinner and start looking for a wet towel with which to wipe your hands, or you may even say “Bikurishta!” if someone jumps out and scares the heeby-jeebys out of you. Whatever may happen, your experiences here have changed you.

We hope that you continue to grow and prosper, and your experience here has a positive influence on your future experiences to come. We wish you every possible success should you return to your home country or stay in Japan and continue here. Whatever your future holds, JET is a part or you and you are a part of us. JET Alumni organisations exist so reach out and share with your fellow returnees the ups, downs, and all out experience of your time a JET… Who says it is actually over hey?

So fare-thee-well fellow Hyogoins!!! To infinity and back again!!! (or something like that but I didn’t want to get sued by anyone)


Your friendly neighbourhood Hyogo AJET helper-type guy,

Chris Goodman.



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