June 2016

Ah, the rainy season. Fortunately, Starbucks is this year presenting us with a baked cheesecake frappuccino, which sounds intriguing and with the potential to be incredible. Keep those waterproof accoutrements around you yet (for frappuccinos spillages, and the rain, I guess)!


My first June in Japan, I jetted off back to Portland for a torrential downpour of important family events. These included my brother’s high school graduation, my grandparents’ 55th wedding anniversary, and my aunt’s 50th birthday (this year she’ll be celebrating in style– right here in Kansai! Those of you on the 1pm Nada Sake Tour will be graced with her presence). Between these, trying to visit all of my friends, and an impromptu visit to New York with my father, I was stretched rather thin and had little downtime, or the chance to spend quality time with my mother. Nevertheless, it was a great whirlwind of a trip and helped me avoid the slow pace of June at my school.


Got downtime? We have articles you can read! On offer this month are musings on the arbitrariness of most educational systems, Captain America: Civil War, a Final Fantasy concert, Busan, and yet another on Taipei (seriously; there’s so much to do and eat there!). Mandy brings us book series recommendations, a poem entitled “away” and a recipe on tomato rice. In the refuge is a sweet tale featuring Mount Rokko. Our alumni this month is Christine Chase.


As we head into the final months of this contract year (and for some of us, our final months of JET), make sure you get out and do what’s left on your list. Make the most of this experience! At the same time, don’t forget the necessities. Like a car needs oil changes, new tires, and to not overheat, we need breaks (even from the fun!), boxes shipped off for those leaving, and to not overheat (the muggy heat is nigh upon us). Take care of yourselves out there!


Brittany Teodorski

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