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News From AJET: September 2016

Once in a while in September, Japan has a series of holidays known Silver Week. Many employees are able to have a consecutive 5 days of holidays and make use of this time to travel around Japan or go overseas for a short break. This means flocks of tourists at major tourism sites and crazy amounts of traffic, be it on the trains, on buses or on expressways. Unfortunately for this year, we do not have Silver Week, and the next one is only coming up in 2026. However, this does not mean that we cannot take short trips over the long weekend. 3 days is enough time to take trips to places like Hiroshima or Nagoya, why not take the time to plan a short trip away?


September is also the start of autumn and fruits are in abundance. Some notable fruits in season are like peaches (もも), kyoho grapes (ぶどう) and pears (なし). You might be able to go fruit picking ( ___がり) at various farms that would usually give you a time-limited buffet of said fruit (subject to availability; call up to check). Farms tend to be less accessible, so go with friends who drive or share a cab.


Or you could combine both ideas and plan a trip to Okayama over the long weekends, the prefecture famous for fruits, especially the peach! Looking forward to September!



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