Maigo in Hyogo: February ’12



This temple’s rock garden was designed to represent the beach where a teenager was killed in single combat. His death is one of the most famous in Japanese history. His killer renounced his samurai life soon after and became a Buddhist monk. This place has some serious education going on…any guesses?



Know where this photo was taken? Maigo in Hyogo challenges you to recognize more of our beautiful prefecture!





Answer: Sumadera Temple. The statue on the left is of Taira no Atsumori (the young boy) and the right statue is of Kumagai Naozane (who turned into a Buddhist monk)

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  1. Matt’s belief is true.
    the left statues character is Taira no Atsumori(killed young boy)
    and the right statue is Kumagai Naozane(Later:turned into buddhist monk)

  2. If you’re ever in the vicinity of Sumadera, I suggest a hike through the Suma Alps immediately to the north. The best place to start is from Sumaurakouen Station (on the Sanyo line), continuing past the observation tower. Along the way you’ll eventually reach where one army launched an assault on another army (I forget the details–you can read all about it at Sumadera), riding down upon them from the mountains.

    Continue east (passing through a sliver of suburbia) and up a killer staircase and you’ll eventually be able to enter Suma Rikyu Kouen through a back way (you have to pay to enter from the Suma side).

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