Goodbye… Hello: Letters from the Outgoing and Incoming HT Editors

So long, farewell, またこんど, goodbye…


I’m still not entirely sure what prompted me to volunteer to edit the Hyogo Times last year, but to whatever neurons fired and prompted me to give it a go, I say thank you. It’s been great fun reading all the articles before the rest of the world, apparently being very British in some of my edits and writing random articles about snakes (only one recently – moving rather quickly across the cycle path as I approached, but it was only little). Writer’s block when needing to produce an editor’s letter has been slightly less fun, but it happens to the best of us I guess. I hope that those occasions weren’t too noticeable…


I would like to thank everyone who has written for the Hyogo Times and put up with me badgering them for submissions and/or confirmation that edits are okay this year. Whenever I’ve looked at the file containing all of any given month’s articles I’ve felt all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s great to see such a range of interests and experiences being shared with other people in the prefecture and beyond. I’d also particularly like to thank Karen who’s been amazing on graphics, despite me not catching errors until the edition’s basically finished – sorry m(_ _)m, and Dana, who basically saved my life when we lost the previous online editor in mid-October. You keep things together in a way that I never could.


As I write this, I still don’t know who my successor at school is, but I do at least know who will reign over the reins of the HT after me. The lovely Charlotte Griffiths, a name you may recognize from the wonderful articles she’s been writing over the past year, will no doubt be leading the publication onwards and upwards. I hope that she, and everyone else, has a great year. From now on I can look forward to the 1st rather than the 15th of the month like a regular person.


So fare thee well, one and all. I may yet write a word or three in future editions, but you won’t have to put up with my blathering on quite such a regular basis.


It’s been a pleasure.







Hello hello!

Charlotte Griffiths, your future editor, here, getting all emotional…

The year has flown by and this month marks the end of another Hyogo Times chapter. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Imi, our omniscient editor, for her dedication and patience over the last twelve months. However, as one editor puts her red pen down, another picks it up. I am slightly nervous of stepping into the big shoes left for me, but excited to continue the work of the Hyogo Times in celebrating the creative spirits and adventures of our little community. (Please help me along the way with submissions, big or small, due on the 15th of the month.)

To those of you leaving Japan, I wish you a fond farewell and safe travels, please keep in touch (no excuses now with all the interweb-thingamebobs!) and continue your JET experience vicariously through our articles. For those still entranced by the Land of the Rising Sun, I am sure you are looking forward to another fun-filled year here as much as I am. Finally, to any newbies reading this in preparation for departure: welcome to arguably the best prefecture in Japan (slightly biased, and what?).

Until August,


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