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Hello From AJET: June 2014


What’s on your JET Life Bucket list?


I was sitting in my apartment with the windows open (finally), listening to a fantastic album called “Dance, Dance” and contemplating what to write about. As a lot of us enter the final two-ish months of our time on JET, I’d love to know what’s on your bucket list? Being a little bit of a glutton, 90% of my JET Life bucket list is food related. I’ve slowly been whittling down the list I set myself late last year, yaki tori at Ayamuya in Osaka, the wanto burger at Wanto in Sannomiya, delectable monjayaki in Umeda (not an oxymoron as I once suspected), dinner at Ca Sento in Kitano, another visit to Giro Giro in Kyoto, and enough ramen and tonkatsu to permanently raise my LDL cholesterol levels. I’ve got a couple more things to cross off and, in my opinion, there’s always room for another bowl of ramen, a slice of pizza from Chiro in Akashi, or another mouthful of beef short rib fresh off the yaki niku grill.


For the adventurous amongst you looking for some travelspiration, or for a very worthy cause to donate to, please have a look at a massive fundraising adventure being undertaken by my mate Danny, here. It’s called Travels with Chari and it’s an epic 2-month, 2000-mile solo bicycle journey from Cape Sata in Kyushu to Cape Sayo in Hokkaido.


I’d like to send a big thank you to everyone’s favourite PR, Ryan, for organizing the Awaji Camping Extravaganza and wish everyone who’s leaving luck with your future plans, be they job hunting, more school, travel or wherever life may take you. Watch out for information on HAJET’s farewell party in the next few weeks.





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