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News from AJET: September 2014


A New Term Begins!

Hey there, Hyogo –

It’s hard to believe that it is September already – our departing friends have left Japan to start new chapters of their lives and the new ALTs have arrived and are (hopefully!) settling into their new lives. With the new term beginning, it is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of lesson planning, new projects, and school activities – but don’t forget to save some time for adventures outside of work!

Want to travel? Start planning early. Ask your supervisor for a school calendar and find your midterm and final exams, national holidays, and any other days for potential vacations. Check out Peach and other budget travel options for cheap tickets (pro tip: sign up for Peach’s emails to take advantage of their airfare sales!).

Staying closer to home? It can be easy to overlook your city and nearby areas in favor of popular travel destinations, but saving time to explore your placement can be incredibly rewarding. Ask teachers about their favorite spots or check for maps at city offices or tourism associations (my town has an English map with local points of interests and walking courses… though it did take me six months to discover it!). Go for a walk, wander around, or just get lost – you never know who you can meet or what hidden gems you can find tucked away in your area.

Feeling social? The new HAJET PR team is working hard to plan fun events throughout Hyogo and beyond, and Block 6 rep, Ashlie, has you covered for events with our neighboring prefectures. If you enjoyed the Welcome Party and want more time with fellow ALTs (or, if you couldn’t make it), check out some of the upcoming HAJET and Block 6 events: meet JETs in neighboring prefectures at the Block 6 Welcome Picnic in Kyoto, discuss Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See at the HAJET Book Club, and take on the Yoshino river’s rapids in the Shikoku Rafting Trip. As always, keep updated on upcoming events with the HAJET calendar. If you have any questions or ideas for future events, contact us at hyogo.pr@hyogo.ajet.net.

If you’re more interested in cultural events, you’re spoilt for choice. Kyoto has numerous festivals in September, Himeji hosts the dangerous and dazzling Nada Fighting Festival (Kenka Matsuri), and you can taste local specialty akashiyaki at Akashi’s Manpuku Food Fair.

Hopefully that is enough to tide you over until next month’s issue!


Until then,





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