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Hello From AJET: August 2014

I cannot believe it is August and we are welcoming all the new JETs already! I hope that you are all surviving the humid and hot weather and settling into your new homes. I remember this time last year I was sitting in my empty apartment with nothing more than a fold-up chair and about ten cooler boxes, which had been given to me by all the lovely teachers at school (just in case I decided to buy enough in those two days to fill the other 9 coolers already in my possession) thinking, “Wow! I actually made it. I live in Japan now”.


You have all made it now! The waiting is over and so many amazing new experiences lie ahead. For those of you who have never been to Japan, よこそ(welcome), and for those who are returning, welcome back.


Now, who am I? I am Ashlie O’Neill, fellow Hyogoian, HAJET member and Block 6 Representative. I was elected to organise a bunch of FUNTASTIC events (with the help of other amazing JETs) including the Block 6 Welcome Picnic coming up on September 13 in Kyoto, the Hawaiian Luoi in Kobe on August 15 at Sogo Beer Garden and many many more events that will soon be coming your way! I am also here to help you and represent your interests on the AJET National Council.


By now you’re probably thinking “wait what is the AJET National Council? Don’t we already have the Hyogo AJET? How are they different?” I hear you and now I will go ahead and explain AJET National Council vs. HAJET.


National AJET (Blocks and National Council) is a council of elected JETs that represent their peers at the National Level. As Block 6 Rep I collaborate with prefectural AJETs to organise combined events for Hyogo, Kyoto and Shiga. Each block representative also has a secondary position. The council’s members work hard in their secondary positions to enhance your experience on JET by creating opportunities for further education, special discounts, involvement in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and much more.


Prefectural AJET (HAJET) operates independently from the AJET National Council and as a result varies greatly from prefecture to prefecture. Hyogo AJET, aka HAJET, organises events for you, the lovely people of Hyogo. This year’s events will include rafting on Shikoku, Camping on Awaji and of course the upcoming HAJET Welcome Party to be held on August 30 at Sogo Beer Garden in Kobe.


Both National AJET and Hyogo AJET are here to make your experiences in the next 1-5 years the best they can be.


Please read my article about how to “Survive Japan” it will make you laugh but also has some really useful hints about your new life in the Land of the Rising Sun.


Well that is all for me. Stay cool Hyogo (literally and figuratively). If you have any questions or would just like to say hi please feel free to email me at ashlie.oneill@ajet.net or find me on Facebook.



Ash O’Neill


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