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News From AJET: July 2016



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kings and queens!!! It is that time of year again!!!

<gasp> “What time of year again??” I hear your collective thoughts bubble and burst within their confined cranial cages!!!


It is the time of year when I write in the HYOGO TIMES!!! Muhahahaha!!!… huh? What now? I wrote for last month as well?… ah! How memorable it was!!!
My apologies for a second serving of the drivel that can only be described as “mindless utterances on a page” and a million other analogies… hehehe… anal…ogies. (HA!)


But yes, it is the wonderful ME here to inform you that July has fallen upon us like a pole dancer who used waaaay too much lotion before coming out on stage. Still part of the rainy season for most of Japan, yet apparently down south (areas such as Kyushu and Okinawa, not the stripper’s) you may be able to escape the wash and rinse cycle.


July brings with it many changes in the JET community. The impending departure of our comrades and the imminent arrival of the fresh meat, ready to be thrust into a new life in a new world, eager to engage, live and learn what being a part of a different culture is all about. To those who are leaving I would say, please, freely offer your advice, to the stayers, please offer your support and to the arrivals… good luck.


Now July has a myriad of festivals and activities to keep one busy. Some at the beginning, middle and end so that the different horses who enjoy different courses can enjoy finding the wind beneath their wings as they become pegasi (plural of pegasus) and fly, fly, fly to the destination of their chosen path. Some big names for July are: 1) The Gion Matsuri in Kyoto– this bad boy takes up the month of July and has several parades of mikoshi (giant portable shrine like devices) that are moved down and around the streets much like floats in a parade. A vast array of wondrous colors, smells and sounds will abound at this time if you find yourself in the midst of the action. Rumour has it that some of the bigger floats can reach around 12,000 KILOGRAMS!!! So you know what that means people: if you see one of these things gaining speed and heading down hill at you, get the hell outta the way. No amount of octogenarian and above flesh that you can shove between you and the rampaging roller of death will stop it.


For later in July, they usually have the Fuji Rock festival in Niigata. I have heard this year’s line-up is looking pretty good. Be aware that there is a chance of thunderstorms so maybe take some galoshes if you intend to tramp out that way for the event.


Whether you decide to have a dry July, a try July, a nice guy July or a small fry July, the July is up to you. Feel free to check out this site, for more information; it also mentions some nice fireworks festivals which are great to see and feel the BOOM!!!


I wish you all a safe and wondrous July, and continuing existence. May your footsteps warm the feet of those that follow you, and may your wings cut through the wind as you soar to glory. Adios amigos to my fellow unicorns and to all the other members of the JET community (Including the wonderful HAJET people, who have been awesome with sooo much stuff).


T.T.F.N.  Boat-hugs!!!!   :D


Chris Goodman



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