June 2016



It’s hot and muggy, the JLPT is in two days, and many Americans are probably cursing that fact. Welcome to July, and my final issue as the editor of the Hyogo Times!


My first July was the easiest: I went on a road trip up to 天橋立 with my Kobe area friends, to 城崎 with my fellow Ono ALTs, then went to the Philippines with the former group. I had to say goodbye to couple of good friends, but I didn’t need to say farewell until August. Last year was harder: I mostly stayed in Kansai except for a quick jaunt out to Tokyo, but I had to part ways with three of my closer friends, with a fourth leaving later in August. I anticipate this year to be somewhere in the middle, though closer to last year. This time, I’m leaving behind all of the friends I’ve grown so close to over the past three years. I may have nearly all of August with them as well, and get to travel to places such as Ine no Funaya and Fukui with a couple of them, but the reality has been making its presence known since March.


To escape thinking about such unpleasant things, we have reviews of Okunoshima (Bunny Island), the first two articles in a series on concert venues, Deadpool, and USJ’s attractions, Rory assuaging his guilt of using Englipedia, and a recipe on fried avocado. In the Refuge is the 8th part of Sometime Last Week and a story about an Englishman’s squid. Should you instead wish to wallow in sadness, you can read a poem and a piece musing on goodbyes, as well as the farewells of five ALTs.


Now, I’ll be handing the wheel of this publication over to Rory Kelly. I’m excited to see where he will take the Hyogo Times and am confident in his ability to make it an entertaining experience for everyone! I only hope I’ve accomplished that in some small measure. It’s time for me to go: I’ve done my fair share of drinking, and my trip home is nearly over. Though I say I’m going home, I really have been this whole time.


Brittany Teodorski

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