Hu-madness has set in

The moisture’s underneath your skin

And the heat’s trapped between the hair

On your neck, sitting there

Just waiting to press down

To drown

You in its fire, or roast you with its rain

The elements once so twain

Are now one

Fire and water’s son


Will dance upon your nape

And dress you in a cape

Of sweat

How fetching! How wet!

And then he’ll belay your every thought

Weigh them down til they are taut

Til they could cut a gem to pieces

And when you think them they leave creases

And grooves



With you, he is your tail

Always with you, without fail

Running down your spine

Making water out of wine

Making water out of air

Til all is water everywhere

But nought is cool

A white-hot boiling swimming pool

In which you must walk

And eat and sleep and talk

You wonder if you’re heard

Or if every single word

Is being swallowed by the tide

Because the voices deep inside

You are muffled


They come to you out of order

So all your actions border

On insane

You try to explain

That it’s the heat and the damp



Has made camp

Within us all

Some can cope and some must crawl


Will get the better

And make wetter

Those who he deems weak

Kiss them on each cheek

Leave them lathered in his slop

And though they wish that it would stop

It never can-

If you can’t stand


Stay out of Japan