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Kicchiri Kitchen: Teriyaki (照り焼き)

Teriyaki can be any fish or meat that has been cooked or broiled in a sweet soy sauce. In Western countries, it seems that teriyaki is considered a very ‘Japanese’ flavour, although it doesn’t seem to be so common in Japan. This recipe is extremely easy and adaptable, but most importantly it is absolutely delicious!

(serves 4)

4 pieces of Japanese Spanish Mackerel (sawara é°†)
(this fish can be substituted with chicken, pork, or another type of fish)
1 onion
1 red bell pepper/capsicum
1 piece of ginger
1 bunch spring onions
½ cup soy sauce
½ cup sake (cooking sake or one cup sake)
½ cup mirin (sweet cooking sake)
a little oil

  1. cut the onion and the red bell pepper into wedges
  2. thinly slice the ginger and then cut into thin strips
  3. sauté the onion and red bell pepper with a little oil, add salt and pepper to it
  4. remove the onion and red bell pepper from the pan
  5. cut the spring onions into 4cm long pieces
  6. reheat the pan with a little oil, add the fish or meat to the pan, and cook both sides
  7. when the fish or meat is cooked, add the spring onions and ginger to the pan
  8. pour the soy sauce, sake, and mirin over the fish/meat
  9. serve with the onions and red bell pepper
  10. heat the remaining teriyaki sauce until it reduces a little and thickens, pour over the fish/meat
  11. serve with rice and miso soup and enjoy!

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  1. I think those proportions are off… it should be 3 parts soy sauce and 3 parts mirin OR sake to 1 part sugar. So 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup mirin and 2 Tbsp sugar.

  2. This recipe came from my Japanese cooking teacher and I have made it twice successfully. I think there are many versions of terriyaki and the recipe can of course be adapted to suit your own taste. Enjoy!

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