About Hyogo AJET

The Hyogo Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching is a chapter of National AJET that concentrates on providing support a little closer to home. Hyogo AJET is comprised of non-elected volunteers called Prefectural Representatives (PRs). Hyogo is the second largest prefecture in Japan Hyogo AJET aims to serve the JETs that are situated within the six areas of Hyogo: Kobe, Hanshin, Harima, Tajima, Tamba, and Awaji. The goal of the Hyogo AJET PRs is to provide a support network both within and outside the office in order to help you to have a hassle-free and fun time while in Japan. For more information, contact us at hyogo.pr@hyogo.ajet.net.

Check out some of the events that we organize to keep JETs connected!

  • Welcome and Farewell Parties
  • Book Club
  • Rafting in Shikoku
  • Kobe Luminarie
  • Snowboarding and Skiing in Tajima
  • Camping in Awaji
  • Photo walk
  • Plus many more…

We also:

  • Maintain a Dropbox for teaching resources and lesson plans
  • House an extensive open source Living Guide aimed at providing information on just about every area of life in Hyogo


Joining Hyogo AJET

Hyogo AJET membership is open to all current JETs who reside and work in Hyogo prefecture and membership is free. You are considered a member upon joining the community through Hyogo AJET on Facebook and the HyogoAJET Facebook Group

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